Berwick Daily Specials
Tuesday - Friday - Early Bird Specials Customers Receive 15% off entire Store from 10am to Noon.  No Additional Discounts Allowed

Happy Hour Tuesday - Friday from 4:20pm to 5:20pm. Buy 3.5 grams of packaged flower and receive a small glass pipe (valued at $10.00) and a clipper reusable lighter for FREE!  No Additional Discounts Allowed

Tuesday - Place an Online order through Leafly and upon pickup draw a ticket for a FREE Non-THC Product.  No Additional Discounts Allowed

Wednesday - 10% off all 3.5 gram packages from Noon to 4pm and 5:30pm to 6pm.  No Additional Discounts Allowed

Thursday - All Vape Cartridges 10% off.  No Additional Discounts Allowed

Friday - All Edibles 10% off.  No Additional Discounts Allowed

Shatterday - All Shatter, Badder, Sugar, Diamonds and Sauce 15% off.  No Additional Discounts Allowed

468 Portland Street, Berwick Maine

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - 10am to 6pm 
Wednesday - 10am to 6pm 
Thursday - 10am to 6pm 
Friday - 10am to 6pm
Saturday - 10am to 6pm

Sunday - Closed


207-704-0328 Retail
207-704-0338 Nursery & Cultivation


35 Bridge Street, Gardiner Maine

Monday - Closed
Tuesday - Sat. 10am to 6pm 
Sunday - Closed

Herbal Pathways was founded in 2018 by Kenneth and Debra Crowley. With extensive backgrounds in manufacturing, supply chain operations, cultivation and retail, The Crowley family is ready to provide the highest quality products to the Maine adult-use cannabis market.



Herbal Pathways is comprised of retail and cultivation experts, business professionals. To date, Herbal Pathways LLC has developed over 15,000 square feet of cultivation and retail spaces in Maine.


We also have another retail location in Lanesborough located in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with another 16,000 square foot building with 3000 square feet of retail space opening under the Liberty Market Brand.


Herbal Pathways is also involved with:

  • Design and buildout of your facility, cultivation, extraction, infusion and retail.

  • Security setup and design.



We have a wide range of products including premium flower, edibles, concentrates, topical, accessories and more.

Please visit one of our location's menus below for the most up to date inventory.



Owner/ CEO Ken Crowley


468 Portland Street, Berwick Maine 03901

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Cultivation (7000 ft2 facility):

468 Portland Street Berwick, ME. 03901


Nursery (1000 ft2):

468 Portland Street Berwick, ME 03901


Maine Retail locations:

468 Portland Street, Berwick Maine 03901

35 Bridge Street, Gardiner Maine 04345

Massachusetts Retail Location: Under Liberty Market Brand

35 North Main Street, Lanesborough, MA 01237